Hon. Cabinet Health Minister of Maharashtra Dr Deepak Sawant ji’s guidance and zeal to bring about a wave of positive change in society has always proved to be inspiration for our team to do our bit in helping people see better.

Dr. Deepak Sawant ji’s message for Anideep Eye Hospital Team :

“Trust your Eyesight to Anideep Insight”

Having practiced as a doctor for many years; a constant need was seen for  a specialty health care service at the service of the people of Mumbai which is satisfied by the establishment of Anideep Eyecare Hospital.

Eye care is an important health issue across ages with changing modern day lifestyle. Eyes are god’s gift to us to behold the magnificent universe, which he created. To see is the most superior and sacred sense out of all sense a human being has. Treating a blind patient is like giving him a new life.

At Anideep it’s their endeavor to channelize our skills, knowledge and gumption to help people see better. The aim of Anideep is to make the visionary inside people to visualize what they can achieve in life. They are working towards that moment when people start celebrating vision.

My best wishes to an organization that is fostering trust, care and excellence.

May Lord Ganesha guide them on their path to enlighten people’s lives.

– Dr. Deepak Sawant
  Cabinet Health Minister of Maharashtra