NABHAs one more landmark in the journey of Anideep Hospital, ‘Anideep Eye Hospital and Institute Pvt. Ltd.’ has been granted Accreditation under ‘Eye Care Accreditation Programme’ by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers).

Thanks to our well-wishers and patients who have been continuous inspiration for us to provide better than the best services always!

We are proud that the accreditation is under “ECO eye Care organisation standards” which makes Anideep “3rd Eye Hospital in Maharashtra” and “1st Retina Centre in Maharashtra” to get “FULL NABH ACCREDITATION” under “EYE CARE ORGANIZATION ECO STANDARDS”.

NABH accreditation certifies that the ogranisation which is granted this certification ensures:

  • Commitment to create a Culture of Quality, Patient Safety, Efficiency and Accountability towards Patient care.
  • Establishment of protocols and policies as per National/International Standards for patient care, medication management, consent process, patient safety, clinical outcomes, medical records, infection control and staffing.
  • Patients are treated with respect, dignity and courtesy at all times.
  • Patients are involved in care planning and decision making.
  • Patients are treated by qualified and trained staff.
  • Feedback from patients is sought and complaints (if any) are addressed.
  • Transparency in billing and availability of tariff list.
  • Continuous monitoring of its services for improvement.
  • Commitment to prevent adverse events that may occur.

Once again we express gratitude to our well-wishers and reiterate our promise to provide the best eyecare services in every aspect always!